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My Ship has A.D.D.

The One-Stop Shop for Multi-Shippers

Harry Potter - My Ship has A.D.D.
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This community will provide fanfiction and art entertainment for those HP fans who can't quite settle on a single OTP/3. Slash and het are both welcome, as are threesomes and moresomes.

The rules are as follows:

1. Fics and art must contain more than one on-screen pairing. For example, a brief mention of Ron/Hermione in a Harry/Draco fic does not meet the criteria for this community. An acceptable fic would center around both Ron/Hermione and Harry/Draco. Both pairings need to be in the spotlight.

What does that mean you ask? The most common methods would be using voyeurism as a kink or switching points of view throughout the fic, but the other mods and I agree that those storylines would get redundant after awhile. Thus, any fics where you would put more than one pairing in the Pairings line of your header are allowed. The second pairing doesn't have to have Hard R or NC-17-rated interaction as long as they interact. This also means that if both pairings have the same character in them (Ex: Harry/Ron and Harry/Draco), it can be posted here.

Threesomes are allowed if both pairings of the threesome have separate interactions before or after the actual threesome commences. However, implied and unrequited pairings do not count as a second pairing.

2. All fics and art will be respected by all members. Concrit is welcome; flaming is not. Tossing a bunch of random shippers into one place like this is just asking for ship wars, which will not be tolerated. On the other hand, if you are a die-hard shipper for one OTP/3 and one only, perhaps this is not the place for you.

3. All fics and art must be posted under an lj-cut. A majority of the fics and art on this site will be rated Adult and Not Work Safe. Please respect your fellow members (and their f-lists) by keeping your headers short and using the appropriate warnings and cut tags. Information on lj-cuts can be found here.

4. Fics and art must be rated Hard R or NC-17. In other words, we want the smut. That means you must be a legal adult in your country to join/view this community. Since we have no way of verifying your age, you will be on the honor system. However, if you state that you are underage on your User Info page or discuss it in a public entry on your journal, you will be removed.

5. The following headers must be used for all posts:


Author: (with link to LJ)
Word Count:
Author's Notes:


Artist: (with link to LJ)
Artist's Notes/Credits:

Please note that by posting your work on this community, you are automatically encouraging feedback and/or concrit.

Since this is a het and slash-friendly community, please warn for either or both in your Warnings line. If there is slash, please specify whether it is male/male slash or femmeslash (or both). This line is also where you would include any kinks or possible squicks. If the proper warnings are not made clear, the post will be deleted and you will be asked kindly to include said warnings before reposting.

6. Any and all pairings/threesomes are allowed. Again, please list every pairing and/or threesome in your Pairings line. That way, anyone who decides to read/view your work knows exactly what they're getting into. Be sure to use proper warnings for squicky pairings (ie: chan, cross-gen, incest).

7. All fics must be beta'd. This is a tough rule, I know, because not everybody has access to their own beta. However, nobody wants to read sloppily-written work either. Even if it's just somebody on your f-list looking over your work, it's better than getting a bunch of comments that point out the same typo. If you need a beta, by all means make a post requesting one, just be sure to include all pairings/warnings as well as word count.

8. No fic searches or advertisements for other communities are allowed (unless given permission). Posts will be deleted. Any member that continually disregards this rule will be removed from the community.

If you have any questions/concerns about any or all of these rules, feel free to email your mods kerryblaze and ryogrande at the following email addresses:


This community will be hosting random all-ship challenges on a monthly basis. Participation is open to everyone, although you will need to be a member in order to post your entry and be voted on. All winners will receive a pretty banner to post in their User Info page courtesy of sesptwd, along with a spot in our Memories section.

Click here to see the current challenge!

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Interested in becoming affiliated with hpship_add? Email the mods at the email addresses listed above.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and we hope you enjoy the multiple ships this community will provide!
Please introduce yourself here and rec the community a fic that you think would fit this community's guidelines.

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all ideas and characters therein related to are sole property of JK Rowling. None of the stories/discussions/artwork/manipulated pictures present in this community are not in anyway suggested to be true. All works are founded completely in fiction. None of the authors and/or artists are making any money off of their works. This community is adults only and anyone joining the community is agreeing that they are old enough to view adult content. Anyone that is found to not be of legal age will be immediately removed from the community.
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